Quality Childcare in Chelmer

Finding the right early education and childcare centres can be hard, however for those seeking childcare in Chelmer, The Pocket has an offer you won’t be able to pass up. The Pocket is a premium childcare centre and early education facility situated in St Lucia and we are extending a hand to those families in Chelmer that are looking for childcare that they can trust.

Passionate Childcare Experts

At The Pocket our educators are the most passionate early education and childcare experts, who all strive to uphold The Pocket’s philosophy. Our philosophy strives to bond the families as well as the children to the community of The Pocket, and have out educators work closely with the families of our children to learn as much as we can about your children and give them the best education and care possible on a personal and unique level for each of the children in our care.

Supports The National Quality Framework (NQF)

The Pocket is dedicated to the National Quality Frameworks. We strive to give the best childcare and education to our Chelmer families while providing a safe and healthy environment for all the children at The Pocket. We provide children with the appropriate balance of a healthy diet, educational time, and play time to improve their experience at The Pocket without impacting their education. This is carefully managed through our learning programs which have been carefully thought out to optimise the learning experience of all the children at The Pocket. We aim to develop all of your children’s skills from thinking and problem solving, to dexterity and physical skills they will need in the future.

Approved Kindy Program

We are also open and happy to take children from babies to kindergarten aged children, as we now provide an approved kindergarten program at The Pocket for children nearing the next step in their young lives. Here at The Pocket Early Education and Care, our goal is to care for your children and provide them with an early education that will give them an irreplaceable head start in their young lives.

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If this sounds like the perfect childcare solution from Chelmer to St Lucia, contact us to set up an enrolment with The Pocket today and find out what difference an early education can make for your child!

A child making clay figures

“Our children are like precious seedlings, we must water their natural curiosity and together with their families and community, support them as they blossom into unique and strong individuals.”