Quality Childcare in Indooroopilly

Indooroopilly is a beautiful place full of vibrant communities and caring families, and we here at The Pocket want to invite those families to come find the best childcare an Indooroopilly family can get. Tucked away only a short few kilometres from Indooroopilly in the heart of St Lucia The Pocket is here to provide you with the early education and care your children need.

Childcare Philosophy

Our philosophy is that the best way to give your children amazing care is through engaging with the families and communities that you and your children come from. Creating a family oriented and friendly environment is the optimal place to grow a child’s natural curiosity and gives the perfect place for your children’s early education to take place.

Learning Programs

Through our intuitive learning programs and FUNdamentals programs we take your children through an abundance of interactive education activities to help them learn and grow skills, such as; creativity and problem solving from a young age to help them grow up with the best head start they can get.

Dedicated and Caring Educators

Our educators are a dedicated and caring team who will look after your children’s needs and interests on a personal level to best engage their individuality and get to know how they can best teach them. We ensure that their education is of top quality and that they gain all the skills they will need in their young lives.

Approved Kindergarten Program

The Pocket is part of the National Quality Frameworks, a government led agreement with childcare facilities, from Indooroopilly to abroad, that works to guarantee that our childcare is not only quality, but the environment that we provide for your children is clean and safe. Our educators are always looking after your children’s best interests and giving them the attention and engagement they need and deserve from their teachers. This extends to every level of The Pocket’s childcare and early education, from babies to those in our approved Kindergarten program.

Contact Us

If you want the best childcare Indooroopilly families can get, contact us at The Pocket Early Education and Care and get your children enrolled in the next available intake and see the difference The Pocket team can make to your family’s lives today!

Child playing in sandpit

“Our children are like precious seedlings, we must water their natural curiosity and together with their families and community, support them as they blossom into unique and strong individuals.”