Quality Childcare in Toowong

Just a stone’s throw south of Toowong is the answer to all of your childcare needs. The Pocket Early Education and care is the best option for childcare near Toowong, tucked away on Boomerang Road in St Lucia, we are here to offer you and your children the best childcare you can find anywhere in Brisbane.

Childcare & Kindergarten

Whether you are looking for childcare for your toddler or are looking for a government approved Kindergarten facility, The Pocket has everything you need in the world of early education or childcare in Toowong, as our facility provides the optimal care and education for children of any age. Our brilliant team of educators are a huge help with this, bringing their passion for childcare to The Pocket every day to provide the attention and care that your children deserve. Our educators are happy and excited to work with the families of the children who choose to learn at The Pocket and want to work to create a community with the families at The Pocket.

Childcare Philosophy

This is all part of our philosophy about early education and childcare as we at The Pocket believe that it is absolutely vital, that every part of the family has a full sense of belonging with everyone at The Pocket who will be looking after your children.

Learning Programs

This brings us to our learning programs, all of which have a strong focus on the development of all of your children’s personal key skills, such as language, communication, personal and intrapersonal, and creative skills. We have a focus on interactive learning where the children can learn everything in a fun and engaging way that gives them the best experience at the brook as they can have.

Follows The National Quality Framework (NQF)

The Pocket looks after your child’s learning under the National Quality Frameworks, to ensure that your children are getting a great education in a safe and friendly environment that works with families to foster the best childcare you can get in Toowong.

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Families in Toowong, The Pocket childcare is here to provide you with the best early education in all of Brisbane, so if you are interested please contact us today and get enrolled with The Pocket today!

Reading a book to a kid

“Our children are like precious seedlings, we must water their natural curiosity and together with their families and community, support them as they blossom into unique and strong individuals.”