Our Educators

Much like the blossoming toddlers, tots and tykes themselves, The Pocket’s passionate, playful and professional team of educators are incessantly seeking improvement, self-reflection and growth as a part of their personal and professional pedagogy.

Gone are the days when the workforce at childcare centres and day care centres were deemed as just babysitters and childminders. Now a highly respected profession, the relatively modern role of educators is imperative as they provide valuable learning opportunities to children within supportive, play-based environments.

On a daily basis, our educators are the embodiment of the principles as prescribed in our philosophy. They are pillars of integrity, guidance, leadership and collaboration and frequently contribute to the welfare and education of children outside formal schooling. The diverse values of our educators align with the National Quality Framework, a set of childcare regulations implemented by all Australian governments to recognise and ensure better educational and development results for children.

Our educators harness their unique pedagogical practices to engage, include and inspire children’s agency. Through the mantra of ‘education through play’ and active supervision, our educators provide the building blocks that are essential for our children’s lifelong learning, whilst fostering conducive, positive partnerships with their families and the wider community.

Meet our Management Team

Soraya Sentance

Soraya Sentance

Centre Manager


Elise Tremble

Enrolments Manager


Eliza Jupp

Centre Chef


Natalie Ward-Fraser

Operations Manager


Lee Anning

People and Culture Manager