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Our toddlers rooms are where we begin to bring messy play into the learning program in the Pocket community. Using everything from pens and pencils to paint and glue, our energetic and passionate educators help guide the children to improve and develop their motor skills – both gross motor skills and fine motor skills.

Joint play in these activities also encourages communication and social skills, something they will take with them all the way through The Pocket and beyond. Watch as your child learns their pleases and thank yous, as well as turn-taking when playing, and the importance of saying sorry.

Shapes, numbers, letters, and more are also crucial parts of the curriculum at this age and are used regularly in class in activities and discussions. Necessary everyday skills are also taught at this stage in development, such as learning to keep belongings tidy and getting things for themselves, i.e. a tissue when needed.

Every day of the week The Pocket Early Education and Care provide the opportunities for extracurricular activities for the children to build as many skills as possible while in our care. Music, Spanish, dance, sport, and science are all offered classes that are designed to be inclusive of age groups. These activities help to build both mental traits like curiosity, but also physical traits like flexibility.

We look forward to seeing our Pocket community grow, so please feel free to fill out an enquiry form or contact us to book a centre tour. See you soon walking through The Pocket doors!


“Our children are like precious seedlings, we must water their natural curiosity and together with their families and community, support them as they blossom into unique and strong individuals.”

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