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Our 2.5-3.5 transition room is a special one, as it allows for children and the parents to have the flexibility they need for transitioning. It minimises the anxiety for parents, and is flexible enough for when each child changes rooms in order to accommodate their own different needs.

There are instances when the differences between 2 and 3 years old, and then again between 3 and 4 years old, is obvious. By including this bracket of flexible transitions we are able to match each child to development stage that they match, and thus which group they belong in. This greatly helps educators and children alike, as this ensures every child in each class is on the same level of learning and development for activities and discussions. This also means that educators can better cater to each child’s needs because they’ll be better aware of where they are in their learning and needs.

The main priority of teaching for educators of this group is building on that which they’ve already learnt in the younger rooms. This means lots of sensory activities to build understanding in the mind, as well as everything from literacy and numeracy to motor skills development, and all else in-between. All combined this makes these groups full of constant fun, excitement, energy, and play.

Here at The Pocket Early Education and Care, we also endeavour to provide for all needs, including those of an extracurricular nature. Spanish, sport, science, dance, and music are all provided for and taught from young ages in classes that are inclusive of all children’s ages. These activities assist in their mental and physical development at no extra cost, as it is all incorporated into the daily fee.

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“Our children are like precious seedlings, we must water their natural curiosity and together with their families and community, support them as they blossom into unique and strong individuals.”

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